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Reversing Neuropathy

Many Neuropathy patients experience:

  1. Continuous pain and burning
  2. Difficulty in sleeping – Lack of sleep suppresses the immune system
  3. An increase in blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  4. Depression
  5. Leg muscle weakness – eventually requiring a cane and then a wheelchair
  6. Balance problems, thus falling easily
  7. Itching
  8. Coldness in feet
  9. Numbness – inability to know that an object is stuck in your foot, that you have an infection, that you are enduring extreme heat, that they have a fracture and keep on walking and due to this can end up with a charcot foot (deformed, non functioning, swollen feet that can eventually require amputation). Neuropathy can also be the cause of car wrecks because of inability to distinguish between gas and brake pedals.
  10. Constant stress caused by never ending burning, pain, tingling and itching.
  11. Constipation, diarrhea or rotation of the two.
  12. Bladder control problems
  13. Irregular heart beat
  14. Tingling in feet and hands

Neuropathy patients go from one doctor to another seeking relief. Many doctors prescribe codeine, elavil, neurontin and antidepressants. These drugs only cover up the symptoms; they don't deal with the causes of neuropathy.

I have found many nutrients that are short cuts to feeding the nerves. Many neuropathy patients can't feed the nerves because of the inability to metabolize nutrients all the way through the metabolic process.

Many patients on this new treatment experience:

  1. An increase in energy
  2. Weight loss
  3. A decrease in blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  4. Better bladder control
  5. Fewer constipation and diarrhea problems
  6. Improvement in digestion (less acid reflux)
  7. Decrease depression
  8. Sleeping better
  9. Mental ability increase
  10. Decrease in leg cramps
  11. More normal heartbeat
  12. Decrease in pain, burning, numbness, tingling and itching

There are over 100 causes for neuropathy. This is a comprehensive, multi disciplinary treatment program which is a major breakthrough in neuropathy reversal treatment.

Having neuropathy is like getting caught in quicksand, and not being able to get out. This program can usually get them out of the quicksand to enjoy better quality of life.

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